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I'm going to try this - substituting seitan for chicken. There's a veg restaurant in NYC that serves a GREAT seitan marsala. :)

Mushrooms. Yum.
Marsala. Yum.
Mashed potatoes. Yum.


Katrina, let us know how the seitan works out. We are trying to eat meatless more often, yet can't substitute soy and as I understand it seitan is soy-free (of course I would still check my labels!)

Hey Tracy & Aaron,
It was good to meet you both at Rosemary's party! I wanted to let you know that I made this Chicken Marsala a couple of weeks ago and it was Dee-lish-us!

Glad you enjoyed! I'll let my brother know, he'll be proud. And it was great to meet you also!

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